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About Janalyn White Grimes

Janalyn White Grimes with her husband Rick Grimes is the owner and operator of Janalyns Performance Horses. Janalyn has been training professionally for the public for 15 years, and showing for 20. Janalyn has been building her breeding program for the last 10 years. She has compiled her training program from many different disciplines. As a result she has created a well rounded program that consists of a solid foundation and a clear line of communication between horse and handler. Janalyn takes pride in the versatility of her horses and her program. Janalyn has based her breeding program on proven performing bloodlines and absolute correct conformation.  She is a world champion horse trainer in 6 different show and speed events. Janalyn has trained Barrel Futurity winners, Rodeo Champions, and many 1D pole horse Champions. Janalyn was the 2015 Open Class, Extreme Horsemans Challenge Champion and also the 2016 Extreme Class, Extreme Horsemans Challenge Champion. 

Janalyn is also a professional vocalist and was a 2013 American Idol contestant. Janalyn sings for rodeos, special events, and much more. Contact Janalyn for more information on singing availability and prices.  

Breeding Program Philosophy

At Janalyns Performance Horses we believe in name brand, proven bloodlines, and magic crosses. We are passionate about bettering the breed and making the next winner. We believe in breeding for correct conformation that promotes soundness for a lifetime. We believe in breeding for trainability, desire and quiet mind. We believe everyone deserves to experience a connection with a "GREAT HORSE." We strive to make the world a better place, one horse at a time. 

"Making the world a better place one horse at a time"

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Janalyn's Performance Horses

4987 W 11950 S, Payson, Utah 84651, United States

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Rob LeBaron

"There are many people that know horses. There are few people that know horses and people and how to communicate with both. Janalyn has helped my horses be better horses in every way, to be sure. Perhaps more importantly, she has helped me get to know my horses better therefor increasing our trust and confidence in ourselves and each other. Janalyn is the real deal!"

Donna Crawford

"Janalyn is an amazing lady. She not only can teach your horses to do incredible things, she will teach you how to connect with your horse so that you can get the same response from them. I can't imagine having anyone else work with my horses."

April Worley

"If I could give Janalyn 10 stars, I would. I've worked with Janalyn for over 10 years, and she has trained numerous performance horses of mine. I wouldn't go anywhere else. She is meticulous with her training, performance, and lessons. Her work ethic, drive, passion and talent are unsurpassed. When you work with Janalyn, you will be working with the best. Hands down."

ChadnTammy Coburn

"Janalyn has been awesome teaching and training our daughter horsemanship and barrels. Great communication and simplicity.
Success is not a mystery find the best and copy them!!"